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The most trusted mold inspection company in the entire District of Columbia is MI&T. Offering unbiased mold testing to DC without a conflict of interest; we do not handle mold remediation. Perhaps you have a musty smell, see visible growth,experienced water intrusion, or maybe you are just concerned about your health. Whatever the case might be, we can help you determine if unwanted mold is lingering in your home or business. We will not only find out if mold is there, but our knowledgeable DC mold inspectors will find the cause of each problem present. When you are dealing with these types of problems, an independent inspector is the first person you want to contact. Our unbiased assessment will either confirm your problem and let you know the source or give you peace of mind that you have nothing to worry about.

The process begins with a in depth visual inspection of your property and use of a thermal imaging camera and moisture meter throughout the residence or business. After that, the client and inspector will agree upon a plan for mold testing DC. This is when air and surface samples are collected and eventually mailed to an independent laboratory for breakdown and analysis. Results can be had as soon as next day.

Mold Testing DC

Once we receive the lab results, we will then take our inspectors findings to compil your final report. This will include all the readings, pictures, and notes that were taken from the mold inspection location in DC. Some people will simply receive a clearance letter stating the site tested did not come back elevated for mold and require no further action. Those of you that do have a problem at hand will be provided with a detailed protocol for remediation. A protocol for removal serves you, the client in a major way. Having this protocol at your disposal makes you an expert at what does and does not need to be done during the remediation process. This ensures that no unnecessary work it being performed and keeps costs to a minimum. It also makes sure that your home or business is getting back to normal the first time around.

Here at Mold Inspection & Testing DC, we take pride in helping people in any way we can. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Dealing with these issues is usually unfamiliar territory and we enjoy helping ease the burden whether you plan on becoming a customer or not. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an an inspection, please call 202-650-0254 to speak with a customer representative. We serve also serve all of the following cities listed below.

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Ralph Harper I was recently doing some remodeling in a bathroom in my Silver Springs home, and noticed some damaged areas behind the drywall. I used a mold testing kit from Home Depot, but was not really satisfied with the information I received. I decided to have a professional mold inspection done to let me know the extent of the damage. The inspector who MI&T sent was on time, and very professional. After taking a look and collecting a few samples, I was sent a full report explaining what was found, and what the next steps would be. I was able to have the bathroom properly fixed, and didn’t have to stress over whether anything was missed. After the work was completed, they came back out and reinspected the bathroom just to be sure. Everything was fixed properly and they were able to provide documentation for my records. I really look for professionalism and delivering on promises when hiring a company, and that is exactly what MI&T has done.
MI&T offers all of Washington DC unbiased mold inspection and mold testing to evaluate your indoor environment. Give us a call at (202) 650-0254 to speak with a customer representative.
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